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Solutions Designer - Senior

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Undertakes the design of hosting technology solutions based on the client’s service specifications, standards, policies, best practices and cost models, in order to meet client application business requirement and project/initiative deliverables.

General Skills:


Knowledge of integrated networking technologies, mainframe, midrange server, enterprise storage and SAN, and personal computer system technologies

Knowledge of related best practices, OPS directory/messaging standards, standard facilities infrastructure/architecture management, facility service delivery processes, infrastructures policies, procedures and direction, cost models and procurement processes,

Ability to gather client business requirements; corporate I&IT information mandates, client information technology strategic plans, environment and standards

Ability to participate in the development of solutions and provide advice on short/long term solution service development activities.

Knowledge of leading edge technologies design criteria, security and recovery procedures, preparation of technical specifications for installation, testing and performance of integrated, multi-services systems; assess performance and capacity of existing system making recommendations for improving performance and develop technical documentation.

Experience planning, migrating, implementing and sustaining large complex system development projects

Knowledge of technology developments, trends and new products to evaluated application to client short and long term technology requirements.

Basic knowledge of project management methodology (e.g. PMBOK), analytical tools and processes.

Conceptual and analytical skills to assess and evaluate client needs and conduct cost/benefit analyses for new technology requirements in planning and designing solutions.

Experience designing and developing large, complex, highly available, mission critical server applications

Experience with systems evaluation to assess conditions, technical performance and capacity of existing systems and determine need and feasibility of expansion, renovation or replacement

Excellent analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills, verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills, team work skills

A team player with a track record for meeting deadlines

Experience and Skill Set Requirements

Siebel Solution and Development Skills (40/100)

  • 10+ years of experience with solution design and business analysis
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge with delivering business architect, and business and system analysis
  • Demonstrated experience with developing business design document, functional & non- functional requirements
  • Demonstrated experience with developing high level application flows to support the business requirements.
  • Experience in developing functional design documentation.
  • Experience in creating detailed process flows, developing high-level screen designs that map steps within a process to actual views in software solutions
  • Demonstrated experience with creating quality assurance plan and writing test cases
  • Demonstrated experience in developing use cases (business/system), identifying and documenting business rules
  • Demonstrated experience with the creation and analytical process of business requirement documents
  • Demonstrated experience in identifying risk and providing solutions


Technology Skills (35/100)

  • Demonstrated experience with change management methodologies
  • 5+ years of experience in Siebel CRM Solution implementation
  • Demonstrated experience with documenting test strategies, scenarios, plans for user acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Demonstrated experience in creating and updating business architecture artefacts
  • Demonstrated experience with rational unified process (RUP)
  • Experience in developing application view visibility and CRUD (create, read, update, delete) matrix
  • Experience with developing application screen mock-ups and screen flows; translate screen design and workflows into Wireframes and or prototype


Soft Skills- (20/100)

  • Strong communication skills; both written and verbal
  • Ability to develop and present new ideas and conceptualize new approaches and solutions
  • Excellent interpersonal relations and demonstrated ability to work with others effectively in teams
  • Demonstrated ability to work with functional and technical teams Demonstrated ability to participate in a large teams and work closely with other individual team members
  • Proven analytical skills and systematic problem solving
  • Strong ability to work under pressure, work with aggressive time lines, and be adaptive to change


Public Sector Experience (5/100)

  • Experience with Siebel CRM public sector would be an asset.
  • Experience with OPS Transfer Payment (Grant) Model would be an asset.
  • Experience with Transfer Payments (Grants) on Siebel CRM would be an asset.
  • Experience with ensuring that cooperate QA standards are followed and maintained would be an asset.

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