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HHS ASPR PT&MSS (2) - 1# - BARDA Program Manager

The contractor shall provide a Program Manager to administer and supervise the furnished services for qualified/professional staffing support personnel. The Program Manager shall be capable of managing a large team of professionals in providing a wide range of services and managing assigned projects within scope and budget with little or no corporate guidance. 

He/she is responsible for all aspects of program performance (i.e., technical, contractual, administrative, financial, etc.). He/she organizes and assigns responsibilities to subordinates, oversees the successful completion of all assigned tasks, establishes, and maintains technical and management reports, oversees quality control, develops, and modifies project plans, and documents and resolves problems. The Program Manager provides leadership to the task order team, ensures conformance to performance requirements, and assists in the overall direction to all project level activities and personnel. The Program Manager shall be responsible for the daily supervision of each individual employed by the contractor on their respective Task Order(s). 


Manage a team of technical and administrative personnel for each program. Coordinates with other PMs to ensure quality management across program. Organizes and assigns responsibilities to subordinates, oversees successful completion of all tasks, maintains reports, maintains quality control, documents and resolves problems. Ensures 508 compliance. Provides leadership to project team.

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