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Technical Consultant

Job Description:    1. Document the EUC’s workflow
2. Prepare curriculum and train end-users with each feature of the EUC and technical skills to use it
3. Support the end-users with the EUC. Troubleshoot when need.
4. Report progress to the management and teams
5. Create reports
6. Support lead developer and project manager with the EUC
7. Gather, analyze and organize data, files, requirements and operational flows for EUC when instructed
8. Provide development of codes and database when instructed
9. Support multiple projects related to the EUC such as E-Workflow System
10.Communicate with end-users, traders, multiple teams, departments and vendors for all projects related to EUC

1. Object Oriented Programming (OPP)
2. Advanced understanding of VBA (e.g. Class modules, late binding to Win10’s core functions and SQL Database)
3. Access
4. SQL
5. MS-Office
6. Basic understanding of IT infrastructure (STP, Network, Server and PC)
7. Basic understanding of the major financial products (Bonds, Repo, FX, Futures, TBA/MBS, IRS and CCS)
Reason for Request:   
Requirements:    Estimate 6 months work will be extended. Bank offices are currently closed due to covid. When bank re-opens, anticipate 2-3 days per week onsite in mid-town Manhattan, New York.

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