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IT Specialist

Provide a short description of the Position:   
This position is for a resource to perform data migration duties as part of the Rent Regulation System Modernization project.  The individual will be responsible for assisting NYS staff with the data quality activities associated with the project.  This includes: reviewing business requirements documents and extracting business rules, analyzing and profiling source data, reviewing and understanding data fallout, developing data quality reports and presenting the findings to business users.  In addition, working closely with the business to formulate business rules to resolve data anomalies.   

Provide a list of the day to day tasks to be performed by the Selected Candidate:   
    Serve as technical point of contact for data quality activities.  Defining data quality strategies including data quality assessment and data profiling, best practices and solution design.
    Extract data quality requirements from business requirements and translate them into data quality rules.
    Interact with business users to communicate data quality issues.
    Develop data quality reports for the business to identify and drive data cleansing and remediation efforts.
    Writing T-SQL for data validation and post conversion reports.
    Develop complex queries using T-SQL.
    Document business rules, data extraction, mapping, cleansing and migration processes.

Position Mandatory Qualification (Per Attachment 7, Section 1.2.4)
 IT Specialist
•    Works in the field of Information Technology, experienced in the usage and support of a collection of development platforms, technical architectures or business applications and products that run on those platforms - beyond that of a Programmer.
•    84+ Months: Candidate is able to provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field.
•    84 months experience developing and administering data quality programs.
•    84 months experience working with business and technical users to define data quality rules, data cleansing and data remediation and developing corresponding solutions.
•    60 months experience identifying and proposing resolution of data quality issues.
•    84 months experience in complex SQL development.
•    84 months experience in internal and external stakeholder communications and outreach, including the development of presentations and other materials