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CL-Server Analyst - Intermediate

Reporting to the Security Administration Team Lead within the Infrastructure Application Services of Infrastructure Operations, this contracted resource shall be responsible for day-to-day operations within the GOA centralized Windows 2008 Active Directory (ADS). This includes object creation and maintenance, maintenance of user access to network resources, file permissions and security, reporting, development and modifying of administrative guidelines and processes, etc. The Security Administration Team is responsible for the administration of Exchange 2010 email resources such as mailboxes, distribution groups, and related services. The resource may also be responsible to provide technical support and solutions for ministries' data and resources on the GOA Domain. This includes providing training, support and overseeing other Security Administration Team members' activities, participation in ministry and internal projects, attend project meetings and work with the GOA and external ministry technical teams. Delegation of administrative authority to ministries is done by this team.

The Security Administration Team defines the guidelines used by the various organization unit administrators in each Ministry. The latter can grant access to users within their ministries, and must ensure new or unusual requirements are reviewed by the Security Administration Team Lead. Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), and a proven ability to function on an individual basis and in a team/group environment are required.
NOTE: Some evening and weekend work may be required.