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Project Manager 2

Security Comments
REMINDER: Please remove company name/logo from candidate resumes before submitting to posting.  Resumes must include candidates full name, city/state and phone number.

Submittal Deadline: 6/2/2020 @ 4pm.
HireRight Package: Standard HireRight Package A
State of Maine required credentials are attached to this job posting. All requirements must be met and uploaded to your contractors dotStaff profile prior to reporting for their first day.  eVerify must be completed & uploaded no later than the contractors third day of contract.

Position Description
JOB TITLE: BA3 - Business Analyst , working with Human Resources.
BACKGROUND CHECK: Standard Background check A
 THIS POSITION WILL BE REMOTE UNTIL THE STATE OF MAINE allows people to come back to the office, which you can be on-site at that point.
This person will serve as a critical support role to Maine as the State begins defining and planning for the reopening to the public of numerous state facilities that have been either closed or greatly reduced in capacity due to the COVID-19 ‘stay-at-home’ Executive Order. Maine has various initiatives/objectives related to the State’s reentry such as: facilities, procurement, management needs, an employee survey, workforce planning and development, screening considerations, and work rules/policies for the future.
To ensure success, the Project Manager will work closely with the project Sponsor, Human Resource Director, and an Oversight team. Further, the Project Manager will need to listen to needs, understand the challenges, and lead efforts to plan collaborative strategies. The four major areas of the Project Manager’s responsibilities will be:
1. Goal and Objectives setting
a. Coordinate subject matter experts and facilitate various agency strategic goal setting sessions; identify the commonality to increase value-add efforts
b. Create core requirements for reentry across all Agencies and Offices
c. Document and publish strategic plans
2. Risk Evaluation and Management
a. Using strategic plan (i.e. Agency goals and objectives), identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks and challenges discovered via PM analysis and business expert feedback
b. Ensure risk mitigation efforts are documented and included in execution plans
3. Planning
a. Create master schedule for Maine Human Resource reentry strategy
b. Provide support to Agencies as they create their individual reentry plans
4. Monitor the Plan
a. Ensure work is completed as planned, per baselined schedule
b. Proactively remove barriers
5. Communication
a. Ensure clear communications as to project status
b. Ensure all project resources understand role and responsibilities
• Experience gathering level of effort data as related to scope of project
• Experience in developing all required assets to execute a project plan: Scope & Schedule Mgmt plan, Risk Mgmt plan, Resource plan, Communication plan
• Experience developing core project monitor, control, and communication tools: schedule, risk log, status reporting
• Experience with individual project manager contribution within larger project responsibilities
• Experience working within a matrix-model accountability structure: project-to-project-to-PMO
• Strong business user facilitation skills
• Highly organized and problem-solver
• Strong verbal, listening, and written skills
• Proficient in MS Project, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint
• Desired – Prior experience wo