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Information Technology Consultant


 Review the Corporation’s current software, hardware and infrastructure systems.

 Determine the suitability of current software applications and make recommendations for more appropriate software applications, if applicable.

 Review all buildings to determine the feasibility for installation of security cameras within the building (i.e. lobby, laundry rooms, elevator/lift). Include potential for installation of security cameras at each entrance for all seniors building including 330 4th Street East and 222 6th Street East.

 Review FOB entry system currently installed in our seniors buildings.

 Review and make recommendations on telephone system and cell phone system.

 Review and make recommendations on better use of I-pads/laptops to tie into the Yardi system (i.e. processing work orders, etc.).

 Review and recommend an internet service provider that is appropriate for our operations and allows for the ability to link building camera systems and fob systems to enable monitoring from our main office.

 Review inventory system.

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