Peds Days

• Contract Length: 13 Weeks
• Start Date: 3/4
• Guaranteed Hours Per Week: 36
• Primary Location: HSHS St. John’s Springfield
• Shift Requirements: Days 7a-730p
• Float Requirements (campuses and/or units):  float to like units
• On Call/Call Back Requirements: None
• Weekend/Holiday Rotation Requirements: Every other weekend and holiday
• Required Licenses and Certifications: RN IL License, BLS, PALS
• Minimum Experience (yrs in specialty): 2 years’ experience in Pediatrics
• Charting Experience: EPIC
• Desired Unit Specific Skillset: general skillset (assessment, critical thinking)
• Unit Overview: General Medical with Surgical overflow during high census: 8 PICU beds, 21 General Peds/IMC beds with 6 Overflow beds.
• Unit Information (Bed size, Case types, Patient ratios, etc.): Patients 0-18 years of age with a variety of diagnoses, including: Respiratory, Surgical, Oncology, Urology, Neurology, Cardiology (Not Cardiac Surgery), Diabetes, Orthopedic, etc.  RN’s are expected to competently assess their patients, administer medications in a timely fashion, start IV’s, place NG tubes, care for patients on a ventilator (In the PICU), discharge and admit patients efficiently. Patient Ratio - PICU: 1 RN: 2 patients, if the patient is on a ventilator, then 1:1, GIMC/Peds:  1:5-6 nurses/patients. LPN’s and Nurse Techs on the floor.
• Scrub Colors required:  Navy Blue pants with Pink, Lime Green, or Teal Top

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